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Welcome to my trueSpace dedicated website.

Here you will find video tutorials, plugins, downloads, plugin developement things, links and informations about trueSpace.

The main focus is on trueSpace 6 or trueSpace 7 (modeler side). If you look for workspace specific themes (i.e. scripts), take a look into the links section.

Last but not least visit my gallery and take a look onto my short movies. Here you can find my trueSpace work.

New Coder Forum 01-11-2014 20:03
Hello trueSpace users and (hopefully) trueSpace TSX developer.

A new forum is up and free for everyone who is interested to learn from, discuss with and help other developers out there who try to make the good old trueSpace more comfortable.

We need everyone, no matter if you write in C++, FB, Delphi or whatever. If you have actual or older source codes - post it. If you have experience with 3D geometrie and maths - you are also very welcome.

So, enough talk...come to the http://tecc.designdevil.de
more will come 06-23-2012 17:52
Here we go...directly, fresh and brand new i received 2 trueSpace 6 plugins written by Fenerit.

With the first one you can add math operators and greek letters as text polyhedron format. click here

The second one is a working prototype of a generic purpose "wiggle" based tSx organic deformator named "polyorg", for making grass, trunks, food, velvet, stones, asteroids, foam, rough minerals, underwater biology and more. Useful when either procedural textures and bumpmaps are not required. click here
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